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Special seminar

Date:28 - 29, September, 2023


28, September


Shoji Maruo, Professor
Yokohama National University
【Japanese only】 

Micro 3D printing technology is used in a wide range of fields such as photonics, medicine, electronics, and micromachines because it can create micro and nano 3D structures using a variety of materials such as resin, metal, glass, ceramics, and gel. In this seminar, technological advances in micro 3D printing technology, such as higher resolution and high speed and multi-materials, and the development of new materials and its applications will be introduced.




Kazuhiko Nishioka
【Japanese only】 

SUN METALON is a start-up company founded in 2021. The company is expanding the scope of metal additive manufacturing based on its proprietary technology that achieves 500 times higher productivity and 90% lower cost compared to conventional methods. SUN METALON will introduce its vision for the future of the metal manufacturing industry.


Part 1: Additive Manufacturing for the Industry


Dr. Markus Heering
VDMA Additive Manufacturing working group
【Simultaneous translation Japanese and English is avaiable】 

Based on his experience in the European market, Dr. Markus Haering, Head of AM at VDMA (German Federation of the Machine Industry), will discuss global market trends and the relevance of AM in the European mechanical engineering market (related industries, process chains, challenges and possibilities).


Part2: Preview of Formnext 2023 (Frankfurt)


Sascha Wenzler
Director of Formnext  
【Simultaneous translation Japanese and English is avaiable】 



Tsukasa Matsuoka
Managing Director, Resarcher, Registered Management Consultant,
IT Strategist, Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University,
Japan 3D Printing Industrial Technology Association
Japanese only

Every year, the Japan 3D Printing Technology Association conducts surveys on trends in additive manufacturing and 3D printers by participating in overseas exhibitions and visiting research institutes and leading-edge companies. Based on these surveys, we summarize trends and issues and forecast future prospects.


28, September


Akihiko Yanagitani
Deputy Director, Project Professor, University of Hyogo.
Japanese only

The Metal New Materials Research Center was launched in 2019, introducing small gas atomizers and metal 3D printers with electron beam and laser beam methods, and establish the "Hyogo Metal Belt Consortium" to work with specific companies on the development of metal powders, modeling, and post-processing, including surface treatment of modeled products.  This seminar will introduce its case study.



Shota Abe
Corporate Officer, 3D Concrete Printing Development Team Leader AIZAWA Concrete Corp.
Japanese only
The c3DP (Concrete 3D Printer) is  a innovated method, compared to the conventional concrete production, and has made it possible to create free and complex textures in concrete without formwork as long as there is 3D model data. This seminar will introduce some examples of products and sites where c3DP printing has been used, as well as the next 3D printer that Aizawa is aiming for.



Takayoshi Nakano
Professor, University of Osaka
Japanese only

Metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing) is attracting attention in various fields, especially in the aerospace, medical, and environmental energy fields, as a technology that will revolutionize manufacturing. This method contributes to the high functionality of the fabricated products as a technology that enables not only shape control of the fabricated products but also microstructure control including crystal orientation. In addition to the cutting edge technology of AM microstructure control method, we will introduce the Osaka University Metallurgical AM Center and the AM Research Group, which aims to establish a Japan AM Society.



Daichi Watanabe
Representative Director, President, CEO JMC Corporation.

Hiroyuki Kono
Senior Managing Director, Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd.

Ryutaro Arakaki
Operating officer, Harada Vehicle Design Co., Ltd.
Japanese only

What is the last piece needed to more forward with AM mass production?
Is it the equipment? The enthusiasm of the engineers? Know-how?
The three members of 3DiH will try to find out that last piece.


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