Information for exhibitors

Participation fee

Onsite participation

Type-A (with Basic equipments & furnitures)/9 sqm Wide 3m x Depth 3m
 JPY 300,000 (Tax excluded)
Type-B (with Basic equipments & furnitures) /6 sqm Wide 3m x Depth 2m JPY 230,000 (Tax excluded)

Digital participation

Type-C (Onsite showcase & Presentation opportunity at online pre-event)
 JPY 450,000 (Tax excluded)

Package contents

  • System panel 
  • Carpet
  • LED spotlight (6W) x2
  • 2 sockets (can be used up to 100V / 800W) x 1
  • Parapet (A type only) and company name plate (company name / booth number) x 1
  • Facility installation / removal / material transportation costs, electricity construction costs and electricity usage fees (up to 1 kW)

* Package booth contents are subject to change.
* Image: Type-A package booth
Digital participation package: Onsite showcase & Presentation opportunity at online pre-event
  • Showcase (internal dimension for display: W55 x D52 x H29 cm) for 2 days on site
  • Online meeting equipment
  • Support staff / interpretor   *share with other exhibitors in the area.
  • Corporate page in the exhibitor & products search page.
  • 10 minutes presentation slot in the Pre-Event (onlne seminar event)  - presentation to be pre-recorded.
  • Translation and subtitle editing of the pre-recorded presntation.
  • Max. 100 leads (E-mail address, company and contct person' name) of the listners of your presentation.
  • Unpacking, displaying and packing of the products.
* Package contents are subject to change.

For effective exhibition

The biggest feature of the exhibition is that a large number of purposeful visitors from various regions come together in a short period of time.

Make your exhibition a success through promotional activities before and during the exhibition.


Many exhibitors who achieved great promotional results cited the “exhibition of actual equipment” as an important reason for their success. Here at this display area, exhibitors can display their physical products, models and components where visitors can see in close proximity.

Apart from the exhibition, a dedicated presentation area will be set for exhibitors to present their latest products and technologies.

A wide range of activities to attract visitors

In order to create more business opportunities for users and exhibitors, We conduct a wide and continuous campaign to attract visitors.

  • Direct mail / mail delivery by the organizer
  • Free distribution of invitations to exhibitors
  • Attract visitors through related industry groups
  • PR to industry press
  • PR through the official website of the exhibition

Holding concurrent events

Seminars and symposiums to enhance the significance of this exhibition will be held at the same time.


Information on promotion tools

We offer a wide range of items that can be used from before the exhibition period to during the exhibition period and after the exhibition period in order to enhance the exhibition effect.

Please use it actively for your company's exhibition announcement and sales activities!


When applying, please send the following three items to the secretariat.

  • Exhibition application form (original)
  • Company profile (only when exhibiting for the first time)
  • Product catalogs / photos to be exhibited

The following exhibition fee includes the package booth fee (excluded tax).

  • A type (package type) JPY 300,000 / 1 booth (9 sqm : frontage 3m x depth 3m)
  • B type (package type) JPY 230,000 / 1 booth (6 sqm : frontage 3m x depth 2m)

Visitors who pay attention to the appeal of the product rather than the size of the booth and produce originality will attract the visitors' attention. Please consider including the products to be displayed, the quantity, and the number of staff who can enter the venue on the day.

It is possible to increase the number of booths if there is room in the booth space.

If you reduce the number of booths, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged. For details, please contact the secretariat or read the rules on the back of the application form.

Of course you can. The company name and brand name can be specified together, and multiple company names can be specified as co-exhibitors. To register printed materials and "exhibitor name" used for exhibitor search, please register online at the "exhibitor dedicated page".

To enhance dissemination of information via SNS, the organiser allows the exhibitors and visitors to photograph and videotape at the venue.
However, the organiser still has been strengthening its strict regulations on intellectual property rights of exhibits in order to support exhibitors in the fight against product and brand piracy, as well as informing to both exhibitors and visitors that "Ban on photographing sticker'' shows the will the exhibitor would not like to be photographed / videotaped.
The organiser will issue permission armbands to the approved press. In this case, the press must first ask the exhibitor for permission to take photographs of the booth.

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